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Inspired Crowd Join In Community Planning Day

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Nigel Bell's report now available here

A large crowd joined together Sunday 3rd May at the Marysville and Bowls Club for a day which saw much inspiration in planning the future of Marysville & The Triangle District.















Expert facilitator Nigel Bell led the participants on a journey of ideas and dreams of what the future could hold. Part of that journey involved special presentations by community members each giving 60 seconds on their personal dream of the way forward

The ideas flowed thick and fast all day with the aid of open forum discussions chaired by trained facilitators who donated their time freely to help.

The day was joint initiative organised by MATDG with the endorsement and support of VBRRA and the Australian Children's Trust. The outcomes of the day provided a huge number of positive ideas which will all filter in to a plan for the redevelopment of the Marysville and Triangle District

Planning for the second workshop on 26-28th June is well underway. The workshop is a joint initiative of VBRRA and ACT