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Do not try and give the orphaned wildlife a drink or a feed, as it may cause problems.

Hi all, witness Darrin Gibson will be called to give evidence on Monday morning in the Kinglake/Kilmore-East Black Saturday bushfire class action. I imagine if you’re not already aware, you’ll want to get across this.


Below is a recap of Darrin’s situation, as you may recall from the opening submissions:


The sample group members

1.4 Mr Darrin Gibson lost his partner, their two daughters aged 4 and 18 months and their 3 year old son in the fire. His family home in Kinglake was also destroyed. In attempting to save his family, Mr Gibson sustained burns to 25% of his total body area. He has undergone a partial amputation of both feet and is likely now to require a bilateral, below the knee amputation.



-       Cam.