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Help For Injured Wildlife

In Vic phone R.A.C.V. - 13 11 11
Help For Wildlife 0417 380 687
Wildlife Victoria 13 000 94535


Do not try and give the orphaned wildlife a drink or a feed, as it may cause problems.

Last Saturday (27 4 2013 ) while we were visiting Wildlife Carers Andrea and Eric at Taggerty (Vic.) Andrea was showing us around the large property that is situated just below the Cathedral Mountain Range, close by to the town of Taggerty. The property has abundant wildlife and wonderful views.

While out driving around the property Andrea received a phone call from the R.A.C.V. The phone call to Andrea was with regard to a wildlife incident in the nearby vicinity. The R.A.C.V. then patched the call to Andrea onto the phone of Alex and Wincy Wong from the Heidelberg district.

They had reported and requested help through the R.A.C.V. system of reporting for a roadside injured and / or orphaned wildlife.

In this case it was for a wombat that was lying on the side of the road, that the support was required for.

The incident was close to the township of Marysville in Victoria. The ‘mum’ wombat had a baby Joey Wombat inside her pouch, unfortunately the mum had died.  They told Andrea where to find them, so immediately we drove to the scene to support the little Joey. Because Alex and Wincy had stayed with the wombat it made it so much easier to find them. - ( Many people leave the scene and sometimes the injured animal goes into the surrounding bush and is never found ). -

While I was carefully removing the Joey from the pouch of the dead mum, with  Andrea’s help, I then noticed Alex about to take a photograph. Because I have never been in that position to have a photograph taken while rescuing wombats for over a long period of time, I was happy for that to happen so we could then show others.

The photo show the 607gms male Joey Wombat just after I had carefully manoeuvred him to that position with my hand under him in the pouch, so that his head and front two legs were both safely out of the pouch, he was not hurt. The next step was easy, as all I then had to do was to slowly lift him out of the pouch. He was very cold but not ‘frozen’. We made him warm and later bathed and cleaned him with warm water.  

When the Joey was warmed up he was then allowed to be given a very small amount of a special  warm milk formula from a baby bottle with a ‘copy’ wombat teat.

Unfortunately we later heard that Alex and Wincy had a flat battery and again had to call for support from the R.A.C.V. But both were very

happy that they were just a small part of saving the little Joey Wombat. Elaine and I have undertaken to support him which will take many months. He has to reach about 20kg. Before he will be released back into the wild under the ‘slow release’ program. He will eventually weigh about 45kg.

We have named the Joey Wombat ‘Alex Wong’.

It is people like Alex and Wincy Wong that care enough to make a difference for our wonderful wildlife.

It is far too early at this stage to say that the little Joey will make it, as he is small and problems do arise at times, but at least he has been given a chance. He would not have survived if he was left in his mum’s pouch by the road side in Marysville.


If you are ever in a similar situation while out driving please take all the road safety precautions of road care needed for you and your family. Then carefully check to see if the wildlife is injured or dead. If it is a female, please check for a pouch and then check to see If the pouch has a Joey inside or maybe on the roadside nearby at the scene, then very carefully secure the Joey and please keep it at a warm body temperature and totally placed in a warm jumper or a similar warm item and held firmly.

Then make a phone call for support from a Wildlife Carer.


In Victoria phone R.A.C.V. --- 13 11 11 

Or contact --- HELP FOR WILDLIFE – 0417 380 687 ------ WILDLIFE VICTORIA 13 000 94535

If interstate use one of the many phone numbers of other Wildlife Organisations throughout every State in Australia.

Do not try and give the orphaned wildlife a drink or a feed, as it may cause problems for the Joey.

It is hard to cover everything you may need to know.  -- Thank you if you are able to help our wildlife.

Wildlife Carers are volunteers and they appreciate your support to help orphaned and injured wildlife that you may come across.

Thank you to the staff of the R.A.C.V. and to the visitors at Marysville Alex and Wincy Wong.

Geoff & Elaine Sands Foster Wildlife Shelter for Help For Wildlife

23A Nobelius Street Emerald Victoria 3782  (03 5968 5593 )